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[Download Mp3] Spiritual Laws for Relevance – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Laws for Relevance Part 1-3

There are mandates that are left for generation; every generation has a spiritual curriculum about God and his purposes that God intends for them to accomplish. Your relevance within a generation is predicated on the premise of generation and knowing a corporate mandate that God has put over that generation. You can live within a generation and serve God, but serve God in a way and manner that does not influence a generation. You must serve God in a way and manner that will bring the purposes and mandates of God upon a generation.
You can represent the voice of God to a generation and you can rise to a position of kingdom influence.

There is no greater commitment you can make than a commitment to be relevant to God and His purpose on earth (Acts 13:36). Service to God and humanity must be your top priority. While you are expecting God to do great stuff for you, I charge you to also resolve in your heart to do great stuff for God in your generation.

Your relevance to God and your generation is tied to your life of service. Ultimately, it is what we do in advancing the life of others that would truly count before God. Service is the cure for self-centeredness. Service says; “I quit living for me, myself and I; I choose to pour my life in honor of Jesus and in the service of my generation.”

Title: Spiritual Laws for Relevance Part 1-3
– Apostle Michael Orokpo

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