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[Download Mp3] Striving For Mastery (Part 2) – Apostle Joshua Selman

Striving For Mastery Part 2 – Apostle Joshua Selman. Click to Download Now.

Mastery in the Kingdom is based on light. There is a level of spiritual illumination that can turn your night to a day. At the instance of light, darkness can turn to a day. There is a level of spiritual illumination that can change a man’s night into day. Every time a man has a light, he has entered his day. Mastery can bring you to a point where every day becomes a reflection of the day that the Lord has made.
God wants to bring us to greater levels of perfection and mastery because there are realms that only allow room for masters. You must be determined to lay hold of keys that gives you mastery in every area of your life.

The aim of this series is to move believers beyond spiritual amateurism to levels in the spirit where you can lay hold of eternal life and become a living epistle; a display of the wisdom and power of God.

In this second series, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches about the spirituality of life and the Keys to contending for Mastery. Download Message below

Title: Striving For Mastery Part 2 – Koinonia
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 38MB

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