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[Download Mp3] Striving For Mastery (Part 3) – Apostle Joshua Selman

In continuation of the series ‘Striving for Mastery by Apostle Joshua Selman’, in this third series, the servant of God teaches about the need for believers to build formidable systems and structures and the Advantages of Systems and Structures as part of processes to attain mastery.

In his word, Systems talk about execution strategies while structure talks about organization; the way in which things are built. Individuals must create two kinds of systems in your life basically:
1). A value system or a code of conduct.
2). An operational guide; a modus operandi that is based on your convictions and priorities.

Title: Striving For Mastery (Part 3): Advantages of Systems and Structures – Koinonia Abuja
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 40MB

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