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[Download Mp3] The Administration of the Kingdom of God – Apostle Arome Osayi

Administration Is a Gift of The Spirit And an Important, Powerful Part of Kingdom Reality.
It is possible that the central issue in Christianity in our day is the administration of the Kingdom of God. Never before have the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit been so widespread among the believers. But this familiarity with the power and ability of the Spirit is creating a problem. Christian leaders, perhaps with the best of intentions, are seeking to use the Holy Spirit according to their own notions of what should be done in the Kingdom, and how the resources of the Kingdom should be administrated. The issue is whether the spiritual direction and practice is proceeding from the mind and desires of man, or from the mind and desires of Christ.
We all want to display the power of the Kingdom with great signs and wonders, as Jesus did but Jesus came to emphasis character from a heart change and a life that was unified with Him, transformed by the Holy Spirit.  This in itself is the first sign and wonder we experience as new believers.  Not simply behaviour modification but transformation, for those who yield to His workings.

Title: The Administration of the Kingdom of God
– Apostle Arome Osayi
Size: 28MB
Duration: 1:19:37

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