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[Download Mp3] The Afflictions of The Righteous – Apostle Joshua Selman (Koinonia 2023) 

Download The Afflictions of The Righteous by Apostle Joshua Selman

Download The Afflictions of The Righteous by Apostle Joshua Selman.
When principles are violated, the predicted end result can be found in Scriptures.
However, when believers experience afflictions, even after standing for integrity, rejecting compromise, and serving the purposes of the Kingdom, there’s a biblical explanation and perspective for this.

There are Five Biblical Keys for the Believer’s Victorious Living in the Face of Affliction:
1. Look Unto Jesus. (Psalm 34:1-10): What does it mean to look?
“To look” means to direct one’s gaze away from and towards someone or something. It also denotes relying on and depending entirely on God, even in moments of incomprehension.
2. Commit to prayer even amidst pain, affliction, despair, or hopelessness.
(James 5:13, 1 Thessalonians 5:17)
3. Meditate upon and speak The Word over that situation. (Joel 3:10, Isaiah 3:10): When you lose all forms of strength, there will always be enough strength to “say”. Speak The Word to situations and challenges around you.
4. Seek comfort, prayer and help from godly friends and the family of Believers. (Acts 4:21-24, 1 Thessalonians 5:25, Phillippians 1:19)
5. Engage The Prophetic. (Hosea 12:13): Regardless of the abuse of the prophetic, genuine prophecy is a potent ministry capable of averting afflictions.

Every time affliction occurred in Scriptures, prophets helped to turn around people’s captivity and aided them in attaining victory.
Living an isolated Christian life will not benefit you during times of adversity.

The evidence of your connection to a spiritual family goes beyond mere attendance; it is demonstrated through service and active involvement within the family. Your involvement can entail nurturing strategic relationships by sowing seeds of kindness, love, commitment, and care among fellow believers.

Title: The Afflictions of The Righteous (Koinonia 2023) 
– Apostle Joshua Selman
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