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There are three major things that makes the existence of a man counts.
1. The Ability to Hold the Glory of God
This is the degree to which you eternalize theĀ  glory of God and expresses it. If a life is not giving expression to the glory of God, such existence could be counted as null or void.
2. Ability to Discern What God Created You to Fulfil
This is the ability to discern and understand what God created you to fulfil out of His corporate agenda. That is, the degree to which a man yielded to that part of God’s purpose that is mandated for him to fulfil.
3. The Extent to Which You Glorify God and Cause others to do the Same.
Your life should be a stream of worship, and just because of you, millions should also glorifies God. If many more others do to glorify God through a man’s life, what it’s going to mean is that such life do not count much to God.

These three things that makes the existence of a man are what we called Ministry.
Ministry is not just Church founding or ministration, ministry is an overflow of a man’s interaction with God.

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