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[Download Mp3] The Danger of Worry and Care – Kenneth Copeland

Worry and anxiety are the two deadliest diseases that can swiftly depreciate a man. They kill their victims gradually. A lot of people can not live a good and happy life because they are so concerned about so many things, they worry about everything going on around them. Worrying has a negative effect on a man’s life and it has crippled and destroyed so many people’s life.

Worry is primarily based on fear and uncertainty. To worry about things we can’t change is a terrible waste of emotional energy. Rather than worry, people who go the distance have learned the art of “creative anxiety.” While worry is destructive, creative anxiety is constructive. Worry focuses on the problem; creative anxiety focuses on the solution. Worry controls us; creative anxiety puts us in control of our emotions.

Jesus offers a simple test: Can worry add a single hour to your life? No. In fact, worry will most likely subtract hours from it instead. Worry has no productive value. Worry is an indicator of our level of faith and trust in God. Whenever we choose to worry about something, we are in effect saying, “I’m not sure God will do anything about my situation.”
Once we identify worry as a lack of trust, then we can turn it over to God. Trust for faith is the essential ingredient in an authentic relationship with Jesus. Putting our future in His hands — all of our future — is the mark of a Christian.

Title: The Danger of Worry and Care
– Kenneth Copeland
Size: 10MB
Duration: 28:30

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