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[Download Mp3] The Incarnation – Pastor Mensa Otabil

Incarnation simply means God manifested in the flesh (God becoming Man).
Great is the mystery of Godliness, God was manifested in the flesh and justified in the spirit, sen by angels, preached among the gentiles, received up in glory.
The idea that God became a man is a very difficult idea to explain and that is why the Bible calls it a mystery. The bible says that one of the mystery of Christian faith is incarnation.
The incarnation means that Jesus Christ is the eternal second person of the trinity who in time took upon himself a complete human nature by being born of the virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit.
When Jesus became incarnated, He was truly God and truly human, he possesses these two nature which are not confused, changed, divided or separated.
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Title: The Incarnation
– Pastor Mensa Otabil
Size: 10MB

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