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[Download Mp3] The Instrument of Power (Part 1&2) – Apostle Arome Osayi

God does not invest treasures in things he invests treasures and power in people. A lot of people care more about things than they care about the capacity of their own spirit, you are the Lord’s investment.
Every day is an opportunity to become an instrument of God. In essence, being an instrument of God means setting a good example to convince other people to change their way of life and have a sacred relationship with Him. When you are an instrument of God, your life is being used by Him to nurture others.
The inner workings of your spirit is major, having your joy is major, having your anointing is major, having your peace with God is major, walking with God in righteousness, now that’s major, being a holy consecrated vessel onto God that’s major. You need to major in the major and minor in the minor. As long as your major stays major, you will always be in a major place in life.

Title: The Instrument of Power
– Apostle Arome Osayi

PART 1 [26MB]
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PART 2 [36MB]
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