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[Download Mp3] The Law of Connection Part 1&2 – John Maxwell

With the release of the 25th edition of John Maxwell most popular book, ‘Laws of Leadership‘, this review program began so as to be able to discuss in full, the different laws of leadership.
Law of Connection
The law of connection says you must touch heart before you ask for a hand. This law is all about relationship and adding value to the people you serve, because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
There are four levels of Relationship;
1. Surface Relationship: This is the basis of most relationships. The approach is always passive and does not involve any form of commitments from the people involved.
2. Structured Relationship: Wen relationship advanced to another level, it has been structured. This relationship occur at periodic times, probably around  the time of interest or activities.
3. Secure Relationship: This is when structured relationships becomes enjoyable, being together is now no more because of the structure but because you want to enjoy a mutual relationship. Here, trust began to take place and friendship can be tested.
4. Solid Relationship: This is the highest of all relationships, where we have the highest of complete trust and confidence in one another . The level of the relationship will however be tested by the degree of how those involve in the relationship respond to conflict.


Title: The Law of Connection
– John Maxwell

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