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[Download Mp3] The Politics Of The Inner Chamber – Apostle Arome Osayi

The Secret Place…The Inner Chamber!
The idea of a secret place originates with God. Because He is Spirit and His glory is beyond our ability to perceive, we must meet with Him in the secret places of the heart in order to commune with Him.

God has a secret hiding place, and He invites each of us to join Him there. Notice that He does not invite us to visit. The promise is to those who “dwell” there. To “dwell” means we live there. It becomes our address.
* God invites us to pack up and move to His secret place.
* To do so we must walk away from the clamor and enticements of the world. Earthly frustrations lose significance.
* We must be willing to quiet our hearts before Him and allow Him to investigate those inner recesses we reveal to no one else.
* Secret places imply honesty and trust. We cannot join God in His secret place unless we are willing to be transparent and honest with Him.
* When we choose to leave behind the world’s delights in favor of a lifestyle of spiritual devotion, God draws near in new ways.
* Time spent in the presence of God reveals our true thoughts and selfish motivations that might otherwise escape unnoticed.
* From this secret place, the fruit of the Spirit takes root and grows. We start to see our lives from an eternal perspective.

Title: The Politics Of The Inner Chamber
– Apostle Arome Osayi
Size: 24MB
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