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[Download Mp3] The Power of Fasting – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Is there a way to overcome our habits, addictions, and burdens?
Is there a way to gain sufficient confidence in the Lord that you could call down the powers of heaven?
Are there principles that would allow them to overcome personal weaknesses and draw closer to God?
If we can properly understand and live the law of the fast, these desired blessings can be ours.
There is incredible power in the biblical practice of fasting and prayer.
1. Help initiate revival and spiritual growth.
2. Help us receive clear revelation and direction from God.
3. Help free people from spiritual bondages.
4. Fasting calls us to redivert our attention back to the things of God and His commandments.
The ancient practice of fasting is a natural way to express your faith with your whole being – body and spirit together

Title: The Power of Fasting
– Apostle Michael Orokpo
Size: 30MB
Duration: 2:09:11

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