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[Download Mp3] The Practicality Implementation of Legal System – Apostle Arome

To understand the battle of spiritual warfare, we need to begin with acknowledging that we are in a war.
As Christians, we are in a spiritual battle of some sort on a daily basis. In warfare, battles are fought on different fronts, for different reasons, and with varying degrees of intensity. The same is true in spiritual warfare. Our spiritual battles and warfare are real, even though we cannot physically see the attacker. But, we can educate ourselves on how the battles are fought and how they impact our lives on a daily basis.

How do we know that there is a spiritual realm? If we cannot see it, should we believe in it? Many believers and unbelievers today do not want to “deal” with a world we cannot see when the world we do see is hard enough to “deal” with. Before we can discuss the spiritual battle, we have to believe in the spiritual realm.  Just because we cannot see the spiritual realm does not mean it is not there.

Title: The Practicality Implementation of Legal System
– Apostle Arome
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Duration: 1:37:26

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