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[Download Mp3] The Principle Of Gathering Pt3 // What?Where?When?How? – Pastor Mensa Otabil

Daily we ask many questions, WHY? WHAT? HOW? Why we do things in difficult contexts due to cultural, political and economic adversity?

Questions are useful tools, they open lines of communications; give us information; improve interactions, facilitate analysis and diagnostics of a situation; allow us to propose our own ideas; help to understand the priorities of others; stimulate motivation to learn; motivate creativity and more importantly scientific research, explanations and its applications happen in part through questions and answers.

Questioning everything helps to understand the world round us and Why we do what we do? How do we do that is about technical issues and What we do is usually known. Why reflects beliefs, reasons, purpose and objectives of an institution that eventually motivate its members to adopt them.

Title: The Principle Of Gathering Pt3 // What? Where? When? How?
Pastor Mensa Otabil
Size: 15MB
Duration: 42:35

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