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[Download Mp3] The Resourcefulness of a leader – Gbile Akanni

Being resourceful is the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome challenges.
In leadership, it means bringing a new solution to the table that can have a positive impact on the challenging situation.
In continuation of his series about leadership, Pastor Gbile Akanni teaches about the resourcefulness of a leader in this message, some of which include:

An attitude of resourcefulness inspires out-of-the-box thinking, the generation of new ideas, and the ability to visualize all the possible ways to achieve what you desire.

* Resourceful leaders are open to possibilities because possessing a resourceful mindset requires you to stay positive.
* Resourceful leaders are imaginative and persistent. They embody the growth mindset by staying positive and always pushing themselves to improve.
* Resourceful leaders are consistently ‘spending some quiet time reflecting on ways to stay creative during pressure times.

Title: The Resourcefulness of a leader
– Pastor Gbile Akanni
Size: 23MB
Duration: 1:29:43

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