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[Download Mp3] The walkway of our Journey Part 1 – Rev’d. Tolu Agboola

Life is a journey and not a destination; that the heart must be set upon those matters of character which are eternal and not upon those matters of sensation which pass away.

When we think about going on a spiritual journey, this may feel like a strange way to start. However, it shouldn’t feel strange because the beginning of our own journey with God involves coming to the end of ourselves. It begins with us saying, “Save me, God.”
If you’ve been on the journey with God, you know this. So many times in our lives, we come to the end of ourselves because of physical situations in our lives, because of spiritual realities that we’re dealing with, because of emotional difficulties in our lives, because of relational things that are happening, or even the broader challenges in the world around us. Sometimes simply reading the news is enough to bring us to the end of ourselves.
The journey with God begins by simply saying, “I do not have it in myself to make it in the abundant life, the best life possible and so, God, would you save me.” That beginning is marked by honesty with God.

Title: The walkway of our Journey 
– Rev’d. Tolu Agboola
Size: 17MB
Duration: 42:25

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