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[Download Mp3] The Warfare Dimension of Enlargement – Apostle Joshua Selman

Ownership Conference 2022 - South Africa

Addressing things only from the physical realm is a waste of time
Our authority in this kingdom is empowered from the realm of the spirit.
Everything that manifest in the physical must have it’s base in the spiritual.
If you do not have sufficient knowledge, you can not command the victory that you desire.

It is very dangerous to know little
In an exam, failure means you didn’t pass enough for you to pass. Not that you didn’t do the exam or try but you didn’t pass enough.
Cry for what is available is not good enough. You cry for a greater goal you can see by faith. You cry for what you see, what you can picture. When you see, you will be able to take giant strive based on what you can see, that is the seeing eye and the hearing hear.

Rules of Engagement for Warfare include:
* Discernment
* Consistency with the will of God
* Joy
* Understanding the mysteries of activating altars – including priesthood altar, prayer altar

Title: The Warfare Dimension of Enlargement
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 28MB
Duration: 2:00:52

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