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God performed an uncommon miracle in the parting of the red sea in the days of Moses. Before the very day, such miracle has never happened. That is, the miracle of divided sea and thousands of people walk freely and water not cover them. What uncommon miracle indeed!
God used Moses rod to departed sea into two and the people walk on dry land. It is uncommon miracle to see such things happened. God of all possible has power, authority, and everything your problems need to become uncommon miracle.
Law of gravity does not hinder God from making things to happen, and when God wants to bless, no matter the policy put in place to determine such blessings, God has the capability to skip such.
Though there are laws and policies put in place before some things can take place, when it comes to uncommon miracles, God has the prerogative to defy such laws and make things happen.

Uncommon miracle is for uncommon people who are facing uncommon problems. No matter how great or serious your challenge may look like, God that does uncommon miracle is at hand and ready to make and turn it to uncommon miracle as He did to the Israel.
Trust God even in the face of current economic hardship for uncommon miracles.

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