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[Download Mp3] Ways To Know People Better – Kingsley Okonkwo

How to get to know anyone better
1. By their fruits
2. By their words
3. By their dressing
4. By the kind of friends they keep
5. By praying especially praying in the Holy Ghost
6. By how they relate with other people especially people under them and people who may not have anything to give them.

7. How they spend their time: time also reveals the true character of people.
How to get to know someone on a deeper level without a ton of small talk.
  1. Ask genuine questions.
  2. Focus on questions that further a conversation.
  3. Avoid rapid-fire questions.
  4. Actively listen to their answers.
  5. Pay attention to how they respond.
  6. Be honest
  7. Remember things that matter to them.

Title: Ways To Know People Better
– Kingsley Okonkwo
Size: 17MB
Duration: 48:04

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