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[Download Mp3] Working With The New 1&2 – Pastor Mensa Otabil

What do you do when God gives you something new? when God brings a new word Your Way, New Life, new opportunity, new knowledge, or new experience?
How do you make it work in your life working with the new?

Luke chapter 5 verse 36, in the parable of Jesus, it teaches us what to do with a new thing . Jesus is talking about the old and the new when the Pharisees came asking Jesus questions about why the Pharisees Fast and The Disciples of Jesus of John fast but Jesus’ disciples do not fast.
In Matthew chapter 6 Jesus had talked about the fasting of the Pharisees and he said that his disciples should not fast like that because he said when the Pharisees fast they March in the market with their long faces and everybody knows that these people are deep in the spirit, so people saw the Pharisees as spiritual people but it was all a show-off and Jesus said to his disciples “you will fast but you will not fast like the Pharisees”, so when they came asking Jesus the question why don’t your disciples fast like the Pharisees. Jesus then responded with this parable. He says no one puts a piece from a new garment on an old one otherwise the new mixture and also the piece that was taken out of the new does not match the old.
In this Parable Jesus talks about two things the first thing he talks about is old garment. An old government is something that is weak and that is worn out. Jesus is talking up about the traditions of the old life the traditions of the people. Then the second thing Jesus talks about is the new government. The new government is fresh, it’s strong, it represent a new life.

Jesus is using this Parable to teach about how to manage the old or the new things that we’ve received.

Title: Working With The New
–  Pastor Mensa Otabil

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