Download: The New Rules Of Money (Audio) | Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

At every point in life, we constantly need to learn, Unlearn and Relearn. Life evolves, it doesn’t stay in one place, things changes, knowledge becomes obsolete, ideas becomes outdated, it’s only those who are willing to update themselves by learning, unlearning and relearning catches up with the latest ideas and principles and do exploit with it.

Same thing is applicable to money and Finance, the game remains the same, but the rules keeps changing. What we use to know about money is no longer what it is, it has taking a new shape in conformity with the current technology.

The world of Finance have gone through different realms and only those that are updated are still relevant.

In order for you to be relevant in the game and profit from it, you need to know the new rules so as to play your game like a pro.

This presentation by Dr. Olumide Emmanuel (the wealth coach) istto teach you about the new rules of money and how to align with them. Use the download button below to download.

Title: The New Rules Of Money 
– Dr. Olumide Emmanuel
Size: 30Mb

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