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Download Sermon: Buy The Future (1&2) | Dr. Mensa Otabil

Have you ever wondered why a set of people who are subjected to the same upbringing (education, belief, training etc) have a different future?
Have You ever imagined what made some young promising people, talented  and full of potentials ended up in ways we never imagined (pathetic or sad)?
What comes to mind is to ask; Where did they get it wrong? What has changed?
The change of Destiny of a man doesn’t come by mistake, Something must have changed, something must have gone wrong.
There are always circumstances around this phenomenon, there are forces behind it.

In this sermon, Dr. Mensa Otabil shares profound insights on the phenomenon surrounding a glorious and a bad ending, and how to buy the future and prevent a pathetic ending.

Title: Buy The Future (1&2) 
– Dr. Mensa Otabil
PART 1 [Size: 9MB] Download Now

PART 2 [Size: 6Mb] Download Now

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