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Download Sermon: BUY THE FUTURE (Complete) | Dr. Mensa Otabil

What actually does go wrong, why is it that people who started out together in life, attended the same school, sat under the same teacher, grew up in the same environment, but turns out to do better than each other in life? Or children born of the same parents, subjected to the same upbringing, but one ended up doing excellently well than others.

At a point in everyone’s life, there is always a period of buying and negotiation, everyone’s response and decisions at this period determine what they become in life.
In this sermon, Dr. Mensa Otabil teaches about how to manage these stages of life in other to secure one’s future.

This is a ‘must listen to’ message for all, use the download button below to download.

Title: BUY THE FUTURE (complete)
– Dr. Mensa Otabil
Size: 20Mb

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