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Download Sermon: Don’t Eat That Fruit | Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

The fall of man in the garden was as a result of the eating of a Forbidden fruits. This action alone cost man his usual relationship with God, it caused a separation between man and God.

God places restriction on some certain things in order to maintain a form of Covenant with man. He placed the restriction for man’s benefit. But the devil has been making those restrictions meaningless to man today, he’s been enticing man with the Forbidden fruits. He lures man with temptation just to bring man out of his Covenant with God.

What are the Forbidden fruits for us today?
How can we avoid them?

Listen to Dr. Olumide Emmanuel as the reveals the devil’s plan in luring man to eat Forbidden fruits.

Title: Don’t Eat That Fruit
– Dr. Olumide Emmanuel
Size: 15Mb


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