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Download Sermon: Kingdom Keys To Successful Relationship | Myles Munroe

In our world today, we are facing lots of problems when it comes to relationships.
Singles are having problem in choosing who to marry, married people are trying to figure out what they got themselves into. We have a lot of broken hearted people. Marital Relationships are not what it’s meant to be again.

What could be wrong?
God’s design for human relationships has been thwarted because people failed to go by the creators template for relationship.
We need to learn the secrets of kingdom perspectives on relationship and the expectations of God for human Marital relationships.

In this sermon, Dr. Myles Munroe teaches on the kingdom Keys that guarantees a successful Marital relationship. Use the download button below to download.

Title: Kingdom Keys To Successful Relationship
– Dr. Myles Munroe
Size: 12MB

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