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Download Sermon: Maximizing Time (Value of Time) | Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

One minute of a man’s time doesn’t look big, it look insignificant to the whole minutes one has in a day. The accumulation of each  minutes is what makes up the life time of a man.

The unit of a man’s life is time, when time is wasted, life is wasted.
Time spent is irredeemable. But one good time about it is that God refreshes time each day every 24hrs for us to make ammendment and maximize the remaining time of our lives.

God gives us time for us to convert it to anything we need, it’s like raw material God gives to everyone equally to make something tangible out of it. What you are doing with your own time today depends on what you earn/get out of life tomorrow.

In this presentation, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo charges on the need to pay attention to every minute of life and how to put it into tangible thing.

Title: Maximizing Time (Value of Time) 
– Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo
Size: 9MB


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