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Download Sermon: The Keys Of The Kingdom (Part 2) – Koinonia 2019 | Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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The keys of the Kingdom are access points that activate and deactivate possibilities.There is only one key to the Kingdom of God; Jesus Christ. But there are infinite keys in the Kingdom that make for a life of success and impact.
After accepting the Lordship of Christ, there should be a sequence to your spiritual growth.

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A disorganized communication of kingdom truths will lead to an imbalance in your spiritual life.
The first entity a Christian should be introduced to after salvation is the Holy Spirit.

Transformation is very important for every believer and it involves;
1. Renewal: Disposing old ideologies.
2. Enlightenment: Replacing old ideologies with new and proper ones.

Ignorance is what alienates believers from their inheritance in Christ and grants Satan access into their lives. You must be passionate about growing in knowledge.

In this sermon, Apostle Joshua Selman states other keys that made up the keys to the Kingdom, which are:

* The Law of Faith.
Faith is your belief in God and the corresponding action you take based on that conviction

* The Law of Value.
Life operates based on a reward system. Your value (contribution) determines your rewardOne of the greatest keys in the Kingdom is the law of Honor.

* The Key of Honor
It is the discerning, celebrating and rewarding of a man for their uniqueness and their usefulness.

This is a powerful sermon, in which Apostle Joshua Selman shed light on the mysterious keys of the kingdom. Use the download button below to download.

Title: The Keys Of The Kingdom (Part 2) – Koinonia
– Apostle Joshua Selman

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