In the realm of the Spirit, there are doorways and portals that connects men to the Heavenly realm and open them up to uncommon grace and Manifestations.
Jacob, Elijah and some Prophets of old experienced this in his days and also men of our days that knows the Mystery have been able to access it.
Portals are doorway that harmonizes the natural and the spiritual. They are too important because they are responsible for the unusual Manifestations of believers.
Believers can grow to that levels of becoming that living portal and a living carrier where they will be a system and their lives will produce that continuous flow of the activities between the Supernatural and the natural.

There is a realm in the spirit where believers can become the atmosphere that carries the glory of God and become a living portal. It’s a level where you become an uncommon carrier of insights, rhema, revelations and God’s mysteries.
It’s a realm where you function in power and grace, and you perform Miracles unconsciously.

In this sermon, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches on how believers can attain this realm in the spirit.

Title: The Living Portal
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 14Mb

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