Realities in this realm are orchestrated, controlled and manipulated from the realm of the Spirit. The spirit realm always govern the physical realm, which means everything being seen in the physical realm can be altared and manipulate from the spirit realm.

This is the advantage men have to have access to the realm of the Spirit and control the outcome of the physical realm.

Occultism and Witchcraft also takes advantage of this to manipulate physical Realities

There are so many believers that are bankrupt and know not what to do to change the unpleasant physical Realities in their lives. When the outcome of one’s life does not portray the word of God, there is an advantage for him to change it from the spiritual realm.

Your life and destiny is at the mercy of the understanding you have about the spirit realm, alongside comprehending the tools you have at your disposal to produce the outcome you desire.

Many believers are product of another man’s manipulation of the realm of the Spirit, they become victims of curses and evil Covenant they know nothing about.

Download Apostle Joshua Selman message that shed light on the operations of Witchcraft and How believers can overcome it. Use the download button below to download.

Title: Understanding The Operation Of Witchcraft and How To Command Victory
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 22Mb


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