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Everyone is a potential leader, and we can all be a leader wherever we are. Leadership is not only saddled on those occupying positions with title, it’s the ability of anyone to influence people around him, both people below him, at his level and ahead of him. You don’t need to be at the top to lead, it only take influence to lead.
It takes a conscious effort of development to be a leader in any area.
A 360-Degree leader is anyone that has ability to influence decision, influence people and be a voice in any field of life.

What then are the things that makes a 360-Degree leader and how can we develop them?
Bishop Olumide Emmanuel teaches extensively on what makes a 360-Degree leader of Influence.

Title: The 360-Degree Leadership
– Olumide Emmanuel

Part 1 [Size 8Mb] Download Now

Part 2 [Size 8Mb] Download Now

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