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[Download] The Resoluteness of A Leader – Pastor Gbile Akanni

Resoluteness is often a term used to describe people in battle, moving forward in an unwavering, purposeful way.
In continuation of his series about leadership, Pastor Gbile Akanni teaches about the resoluteness of a leader in this message, some of which include:

* Resolute leaders know how to navigate through adversity, have the discipline to lead themselves and others, built relationships with people around them.
* A resolute leader has conviction and courage to act, even in the face of uncertainty and risk.
* Resolute leaders are highly determined. Their strong-willed persistence and their inner strength give people the courage to get though tough times.

Title: The Resoluteness of A Leader
– Pastor Gbile Akanni
Size: 24MB
Duration: 1:42:22

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