God is Good | Nathaniel Amos [Download Song]


God is good
I can see it, in my all around
He set my feet on higher ground
That I may not stumble and fall
By his outstretched arm he preserved my soul
Rescue me from devils claws
Its your mercies, its your kindness, its your goodness ohhh ohhh ohhh

Verse 1

It was amazing grace that brought me thus far,
Even when I wander roaming so farther away
His love lifted me up and gave me a new nature
When I was lost away even by the lust of the world
Jesus showed up and pay the great price for my sake
His blood was the ransome that my deliverance
I am now a righteous man in christ through Jesus.
What a great mystery that is beyond the devil.

Had it been he knew he wouldn’t have put my lord to death
This is simply because the devil is not omniscient
now the keys to the throne of heaven are handed to me
Its a reality that is beyond my comprehension
but God through inspiration has put it down in his word
For me to enjoy the fullness of his pains and glory
I am a chosen generation and a royal priesthood
called out by God to declare the wonders of his power
What a privilege is it to be a child of God because….

Verse 2

In the morning oh Lord I cried you hear my voice
You have been a great shield that surrounds my life always
you bestow glory on me and lifted up my head
This is my submission in a dispensation like this
Help me to stand in the gap and build the broken walls
In a generation that knew not God
In a moment of serious recession and depression
where the world has been in competition and confusion
make me to be a solution to this revolution
through deep meditation to get heavens revelation
for your glorification through my communication

There is no more regression but constant jubilation
I am free from the sin of omission and commission
because temptation and sinning leads to condemnation
confession and repentance leads to man’s restoration
Its not imagination neither its hallucination
I went to institution all in search for education
but this is therefore the conclusion of the whole summation
fear God now and keep all of his decrees and commandments
that we may reign and rejoice with him in heavens abode

Verse 3

It was divinity that solves the problem of humanity
That we might not have affinity to iniquity
No principality can stand against reality
No boasting in my ability but in trinity
Jesus removed uncertainty through tranquility
his gentility is a proof of royalty
So that I might not live a life of mediocrity
growing to maturity in christ brings my purity
Because one that is with God becomes a majority
in a community that is full of cruelty
even without equity Jesus gives opportunity
its the modality to see possibility

I walk with mentality now as one with authority
right in my faculty I know I have liberty
amidst all casualty I only see fantasy
No devils activity can hold me to captivity
I give charity for me to live in fertility
The law of gravity cannot affect Christianity….

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