Great Leaders ask Great Questions; by John Maxwell

Leaders’ Questions

Leaders must ask questions to develop and grow. This holds true during your first leadership assignments as well as throughout your career.

“The more questions leaders ask, the more answers they receive. The more answers they receive, the better equipped they become to…”

Leadership guru John Maxwell has spent 40 years asking penetrating questions about leadership. He includes some of these questions – and their answers – in this leadership manual, one of more than 70 books he has written. If you have a question concerning leadership, you’ll probably find the answer here.

Maxwell believes in self-education through asking questions. Over the course of four years early in his career as a pastor, Maxwell paid America’s top religious leaders $100 each so he could spend 30 minutes asking them questions about success.

That was almost all of Maxwell’s weekly earnings at the time. Besides being a leadership scholar, Maxwell has a great sense of humor and includes offbeat questions from readers, like, “Do you think daylight saving time could be contributing to global warming?

The longer we have sunlight, the more it heats the atmosphere.” Aside from their entertainment value, Maxwell includes silly questions so you will relax about possibly sounding uninformed.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why asking questions matters to leaders,
  • What questions leaders should ask themselves and their team members, and
  • How to define the most important questions to explore in the field of leadership.

Source: GetAbstract

This is one of the books a leader most read to know what it takes to lead his followers to accomplishments.

Title: Good Leader Ask Questions

Author: John C. Maxwell

Size: 1.4mb


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