I Am Real, I’m Not Fake – Adefisola Oyewumi Part 2, 3 & 4


JENNY(I am Real, I’m not Fake)

Adefisola Oyewumi

“After our NYSC service, he took me to his parents and they happily welcomed me into their house”


” they began to ask me series of questions about myself and my home”…


“and the last question his mother will asked me was…”what number of months is your pregnancy now?…

“pregnancy!… What pregnancy?…

“that was the same question I asked her…

“She continues and said… “well, Joshua didn’t tell you about what we are going to tell you now and that is because he didn’t know how to spell it out to you”. Then the father continued and said…

“you see my daughter, back in the days of our forefathers, most of the women married into our family were barren, so that brought about a decree that before any girl would be fully accepted or married into our family she has to be some months pregnant for the boy in particular.

“without that no acceptance”

“ehen! what a family”…

“what a tradition” Ben added

“so what was your response?

“I simply told them if that was the only way to be married to their son then I quit”

“very good. And what was Joshua’s reaction?

“Joshua! he was pleading he didn’t inform me about it earlier and that I should please comply to their tradition as that is the only way we can be together”

“ehehn!…I can’t believe the same Joshua I knew said that”.

“Ben”! do you know this same Joshua was the Bible coordinator of there fellowship back in school”?

“Bible…bible what?



“well, you see, most of our fellow brothers and sisters who claimed to be Christians are still committed and tied to all these family traditions even after they’ve confessed newness in christ and that is why there is a need to be spiritually minded, prayerful and watchful in terms of waiting”

“Hmm”! I agree with you brother Ben” Gloria said

“it is well”i concluded


“that apart. now Gloria sounds very serious…

“Jenny”!…Brother Ben”!… Gloria called…


“how far about you guys, I’m concerned…

“we knew she was talking about child bearing. Ben noticed I was sad so he responded”

“Gloria, thank you for your concern.we are still trusting God, we believe all is well…”

“hmm! it is well… If not for the incident that occurred to Jenny back then in school all these wouldn’t have happened”

“Gloria”! shush, I whispered, but she couldn’t hear me”

“incident”! what incident” Ben asked looking confused…

“I tried contacting Gloria’s eyes but she wasn’t looking my side. My heart was beating faster”

“I mean her damaged womb”

“what”! Ben exclaimed. who..who’s damaged womb”?

“Gloria”! what are you saying” I quickly cut in, acting as if I didn’t know what she was talking about”

“He doesn’t know”? she turned to me and asked, lowering her voice…

“he doesn’t know what?…what are you girls talking about?…what is it that I don’t know?… Jenny!…talk to me…what damaged womb…who’s womb”?…

“Ben kept asking questions I never wanted to be asked.most especially from him. My spirit was dead this time, I suddenly became dumb,nothing was coming forth to say. Only that tears kept running down my cheek…and all I could see was this innocent husband of mine overwhelmed with fear,uncertainty and betrayal from someone he so much trusted…I mean myself, Jenny”!

Before we get to the next part. If you were in Ben’s shoes, what would be your reaction?

To be continued…

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Jenny (I am not Fake, I am Real)

By Adefisola Oyewumi.

Before I knew it Ben was already shedding tears… He left me there, lock up himself in the guest room and remained in there, weeping. I knocked and called him repeatedly but no response. After waiting for long, I heard him speaking, I was confused … his phone was in the sitting room so he wasn’t on call… Sounds like he was having a conversation with God. “could it be that the Holy Spirit appeared to Ben… If you are actually in there God, please plead on my behalf”, I thought.

I left and went straight to the bedroom, locked up myself too, I was so weak and reckless, I couldn’t even control the tears anymore

“Is this going to be the end of my marriage”?

“Is Ben going to issue a divorce papers”? was all that kept going on my mind, but I kept pleading for mercy through the night.


As I opened my eyes I saw that It was morning already, then I heard a knock on the door to the room which I was, I stood up immediately to open the door” It was Ben. I was shocked when I saw his look, his face was swollen, he had cried all night. He said nothing and just walked straight and sat on the bed



“come and have a sit”

I sat on the stool instead

“I want to know everything, everything that happened”

“speak out everything” I heard a voice from nowhere”

“I was in my first year in school when I met a final year student who was also studying the same course I applied for, that made me refer him as my school daddy, he also calls me daughter, he was always ready to teach me more on the course, he makes sure I suffer nothing while in school…I never knew it was all a deception. My first birthday party in school was awesome, just my school daddy and I, we ate and drank all sorts. And that night… He forcefully took away my pride. There, I hated him just the way I first love him, I woke up every morning weeping and wishing him bad. I grew up hating men, seeing no need for a man in my life, until I met you. I never wanted to be reminded of my birthday in advance, I refused anyone who wanted to celebrate my birthday, even my parent. Each year of my birthday was a reminder that it was the day I was molested which makes it a weeping date for me.


That night molestation results to a pregnancy, I decided it was going to be aborted, Gloria advised me not to but I strictly told her “I careless whatever happens there after”. It was just my first year in school, what would people think of me, what about my parent, I am the only child so I wouldn’t want to pay then back this way”

I bought and took all sorts of drugs just to get rid of the pregnancy which actually worked, I was happy everything had gone not until few hours later I opened my eyes and found myself on the hospital bed, I looked around and saw Gloria sitting on a chair next to the bed I was laying on.


“Gloria! What happened? Why am I in the hospital?

“oh! Thank God, you are awake” my course mate and I rushed you here after we came back from class and found you passed out(fainted) in the room.

“so what did the doctor said happened to me”

“you’ve actually being attended to, but he hasn’t said anything. Don’t worry everything will be fine, just be strong”.

She was still talking to me when a nurse came in and told her the doctor needed to see her.


“Gloria! your friend had an ectopic pregnancy which she was supposed to undergo a surgery treatment but ignorantly she used some hard drugs to abort the pregnancy, that made her loose so much blood, and that as results to a blockage in the Fallopian tube”.

“Jesus! But doctor, what is the function of the fu..fu…

“you mean Fallopian tubes”


“the Fallopian tubes transport the egg from the ovary to the uterus, not only does the Fallopian tubes collect and transport the egg, it is also the location where fertilization occurs”.

“God! Doctor is there chances that she can still have a baby”?

“you see, Fallopian tubes can cause infertility but it is still possible to have a baby… following the treatment, a surgery is required”.



“after I got the report I remembered my irritating words to Gloria “I careless whatever happens there after”. But then I knew I really care. A surgery was needed so I had to let my parent know about all that has happened, they were dissapointed but I was still loved. They made me undergo the surgery and was successful done”.


To be continued…



Jenny (I am not Fake, I am Real)

by Adefisola Oyewumi.

“that was all that happened Ben, please forgive me… I am not fake”, I said weeping unstoppable then I looked at Ben and obviously he felt my pains too. There was a silence then he finally broke in with tears

“but Jenny why didn’t you tell me before now”?

“I was afraid, I didn’t know what your reaction would be like, please forgive me”.

“you said the surgery was successful, so why still the delay”?

“I don’t know Ben, but I’ve been praying”

“hmm! Jenny! You did the needful, medically, but you are yet to do the rightful. God cannot be mocked, he hasn’t restore the womb because you are yet to open up to your husband who God has assigned to make you fruitful. The Bible says: can two walk together except they agree. Jenny! We can’t be fruitful in this marriage if we fail to agree”.

“I’m sorry Ben”

“hmm…It’s alright… but you will have to forgive your school daddy too because I have forgiven you”.

“you what” I asked in disbelief

“I have forgiven you”


It was like a veil fell from my face after I heard those words “I have forgiven you”, I felt peace in me, just exactly how I felt when he once said “will you marry me”. There was this joy I felt just like the scripture that says:

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.

It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.PSALM 133:1-3.

If I knew this was going to be Ben’s response, I would have told him long before our wedding. Those words from him made me love him the more. He respectfully honoured our marriage vows “for better for worse”. Few days later we received unexpected visitor.



“the door is opened, you can come in”…

“waaw! Gloria”, Ben and I were happy to see her again, she came along with a man this time. That should be her husband”, I thought. They both looked confused but Ben and I were not surprised with the look.

“Jenny, Brother Ben, Good morning” Gloria said

“Good morning Gloria, It’s so nice seeing you again, you are welcome”

“please have your sit” Ben said. meanwhile I had rushed to get them water

“thank you ma” said the brother

“ehm…meet Jide, my husband” Gloria introduced

“waw! Brother Jide! it’s nice to meet you”

“Thank you, I’m happy to meet you guys too and I’m sorry I wasn’t present for your wedding anniversary”

“ohh no! That’s not a problem at all” Ben and I responded

“Alright…ehhm…Firstly I appreciate you for welcoming us in to your home… And ehm! we are here to sincerely apologize for what we had caused the other day, between you two. We are so sorry” Jide said, going on their knees

“no no no, please have your sit, you don’t have to do that. Well we also appreciate you two for coming over. Please permit me to say this “sometimes when God simply instruct us to do the needful and we fail to obey him, just because he so much love us, he tend to help us do them in the hard way” and that was what Jenny encountered. So Gloria was God’s sent and speaking about what you’ve caused. You have caused nothing but blessings to us”

“Truth! But we still have to plead it came that way”

“yes, Jenny, Brother Ben, please forgive me” Gloria pleaded

“it’s alright, I forgive you, we forgive you”


Ben and I observed some days prayer and fast seeking for God’s mercy and restoration of womb. After some weeks, I felt sick so I had to visit our family hospital, I did some test, then few days after we got a call from the doctor to get the test result…Ben was at work so I went alone.


“Jenny! watsup! how far about the place you went to? I mean the result”

“oh yes! the doctor said it’s not fever neither malaria”

“Really! then what is it?”

“it’s in the result, check for yourself” I said, handing him the test result

“OK… What do we have here… “What! he exclaimed in surprise”Jenny!


“you are two weeks gone”

“yeeesss”i said, smiling

“oh my God! Come…come…come, come have a hug.”

I happily received the hug.

“oh!oh!oh! Thank you lord, thank you, thank you, for everything.”


That remains and will continue to be our every day heart cry

The end…

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