Is It Advisable To Leave Your Job For The Pursuit Of Your Passion?

Fred has been a choir member since childhood, harboring a deep fascination for musical instruments and envisioning himself as a performer shutting down shows and embarking on music tours in the future. Despite his passion, life took unexpected turns as he graduated with a second-class upper degree from a federal university and transitioned into the tech industry, specializing in UI/UX design.

Nevertheless, Fred’s love for music persisted, and he dreamed of winning prestigious awards like the Headies or Grammy. With some financial success in his tech career, Fred contemplates leaving his job to fully concentrate on his music aspirations, armed with funds to produce his first Extended Playlist (EP). This advice to Fred encompasses considerations for both his job and his passion. It emphasizes the need for careful contemplation before making significant decisions, particularly in a society with economic challenges like Nigeria.

One crucial aspect Fred must recognize is the balance between pursuing his dream and meeting the financial demands of daily life. While passion is a powerful driving force, securing a stable income to cover expenses is essential. The dichotomy between passion and reality is emphasized, urging Fred to evaluate the feasibility of transforming his passion for music into a sustainable career. Understanding the business aspects of the music industry, including production, promotion, and video, is vital for success.

Preparation is highlighted as a key factor for Fred. Before quitting his job, he should have taken steps toward his music career, such as creating songs, attending shows, and building an online presence in the music industry. While there is no guarantee of success, these actions lay a foundation for his passion.

Market demand is another crucial consideration. Fred must assess the commercial viability of the genre he intends to pursue. Questions about aligning his sound with popular genres like Afrobeats and the potential for making a living in other genres like Gospel, Fuji, Hip-Hop, and Rap are raised.

A contingency plan and exit strategy are recommended, acknowledging the competitive nature of pursuing one’s passion. Fred is urged to be realistic about the 50-50 chance of success and plan for the possibility that his passion might not become a sustainable reality.

Long-term sustainability is emphasized, with Fred encouraged to consider the age limit associated with his chosen genre. The importance of understanding the evolving nature of the industry and having a well-thought-out plan for a successful exit, if necessary, is underscored.

The advice concludes by referencing successful individuals who left their jobs to follow their passions, highlighting that while this path can lead to fulfillment, it’s essential to consider the outlined factors before deciding to leave one’s job.

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