JESUS LIVE TEACHINGS With Ikechukwu Theophilus Bosah

ikechukwu theophilus bosah

Jesus Live Ministry is a Ministry mandated by God to spread his word to the nook and cranny of the Earth. We strongly believe in the written, spoken and living word of Truth. We spread the Love, Grace, Wealth and Talent of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ikechukwu Theophilus Bosah is a minister of the Gospel of Christ. He is the lead minister of the Jesus Live Ministry a Ministry ordained by God to take His word of Truth to the nook and cranny of the Earth. It is his passion to impact the world and save it from the deception of the devil. He says “there is no witch anywhere, every man’s witch is his ignorance”. Ikechukwu Theophilus Bosah strongly believes in teaching the truth.

“Nobody has seen God only Jesus has, however, He has made Himself known to us through His Word. God is His Word, a perfect understanding of the Word of Truth helps you understand the person of God” these were some of the words he added as he spoke.

We believe the following messages will enrich your life as you listen to them

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