Listening to Christian sermons

Listening to Christian sermons can be challenging for some people. Sometimes, we do not pay attention to the things that are being said by our spiritual teachers and leaders. This usually happens when we are younger, so we often ignore the things that are being said to us. As an adult, many of us find ourselves in the situation of being lost without a mentor or guide to help us get back on track.

If we allow ourselves to be led astray, we will soon become weak. It is hard to believe that one can lose his way and still have the desire to lead and instruct. What happens when we do not listen to the voice of God’s wisdom and guidance? We find ourselves in deep trouble. However, there are many resources available that can help anyone with a listening heart make progress.

The Bible is full of examples of people who found themselves lost without listening to the word of God. There are many people who go their entire lives without having God’s ear. They have left their faith at home because they did not have the fortitude to continue listening. They were like children without a guardian.

There is hope for all of those who find themselves without God. Through listening to the wise counsel of the great Biblical teacher, Apostle Joshua Selman, we can develop a listening heart. Through listening we can also develop a strong and unshakable faith in God.

A strong and unshakable faith has a lot more advantages than it does disadvantages. It can lead one to the path of righteousness. It can pave the way to eternal life with Him. It can free us from the grasp of sin. In fact, Apostle Joshua states “If you want to know the steadfastness of God, test him by your good and pure faith. If you waver, be destroyed.”

Listening is one of the ways that we can remain consistent with our spiritual direction. Most of us tend to move from one activity to another without paying much attention to our purpose. This is usually a sign of neglect on our part. One of the main purposes of life is to become one with the Lord. When we don’t maintain a consistent relationship with Him, He will begin to take us down the wrong path and we can easily get “leans”.

Listening to the scriptures can help us to remember what our Father in Heaven wants for us. The scriptures are there to teach us. They are there to help us when we need to get back on the right path.

The best way to develop a listening heart is to find someone that you trust and let them have the role of listening to your heart. Let them do what is right. You do not have to always agree with what they are doing but you must respect their choices and their position. Listen to their advice. Your heart will follow.

As I started to grow in my faith, I was open to changing my views on things. I had to do what I wanted to do, not what the Spirit said was wrong. So I listened to what God had to say and followed his lead. The result was following the leadership of the Spirit. I am still able to change my views if it is what God wants me to do.

The first step towards listening to the Word of God is to identify those areas where you are weak. Then find time each day to listen to what God has to say. The more you do this, the closer you will be to being a true believer. You will have true inner peace and this alone will draw you to the One who will save you.

I know that when I was trying to figure out how to listen to what God was saying to me, it was hard. I found myself jumping through hoops. Sometimes I ended up arguing with the Lord. I even got impatient with Him! I have learned to relax into the process by simply walking through it as though it were just another day.

Listen to the Word of God, as though you were just speaking to a friend. If you have ever had a really bad day at work, try to pinpoint exactly what the problem was and what you could have done differently. When you make a list of your positive accomplishments in life, start adding the good things you did today. This will help you focus on listening to God as though He was actually speaking directly to you.

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