On the last day of the retreat the Apostle went to in hearing clearly from God about the new ministry, He had God audibly quote a scripture to his ears

“If they obey and serve HIM, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasure”

– Job 36:11.


Recruiting God’s future generals for purpose with passion and power.


Spiritual training through various exercises.
Raising end time Apostles for the end time ministry.

Restructuring the church back to Christ.
Bringing the word (Rhema) of the Lord to everyone’s understanding.

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apostle ezekiel adenipekun


God called the set man of this ministry (Apostle (Dr) Ezekiel Adenipekun) through an encounter with the Ancient of days in the year 2008 through a Revelation.

The Ancient of days warned Apostle (Dr) Ezekiel Adenipekun strongly against choosing a path for himself but to strictly follow the leading and the set path which He (The Ancient of days) has designed and prepared before him. HE told him that if he chooses a part for himself in life, he won’t make it through because he will die prematurely. During the encounter, The Ancient of Days demonstrated what will happen if he (The Apostle) disobeyed him. Suddenly, The Apostle fell down and died.

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