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(Download Message) Go Ye Into the World – Apostle Orokpo Michael

It is important for believers to understand the weight of the mandate Jesus gave to his disciples that they should go ye into the...

[Download Message] Until the Spirit be poured upon us – Apostle Orokpo Michael

A powerful message that will stir up your spiritual life and makes you want more of the spirit of God. Download and be blessed. Title:...

[Download] WHEN THE SPIRIT TAKES OVER – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Title: WHEN THE SPIRIT TAKES OVER - Apostle Michael Orokpo Size: 20MB Download Now

(Download Message) THE MYSTERY OF AGE – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Every age has a mystery that governs it. Believers need to know and understand the mystery that governs their age so that they won't...

Download Message: THE WAY OF THE KEEPERS | Apostle Michael Orokpo

The Way of the Keepers is another yet powerful message from Apostle Michael Orokpo, a revelational message to strenghten believers faith in God. Download,...
Apostle Michael Orokpo

Download Sermon: ROAR | Apostle Michael Orokpo

Title: ROAR  - Apostle Michael Orokpo Size: 24Mb Download Now

Download Sermon: THE HIGHER PURPOSE OF GIVING | Apostle Michael Orokpo

Giving will only remain in the realm of giving until it is understood and done out of revelation. Many believers only give out of...
Apostle Michael Orokpo Messages

Download Sermon: MYSTERIES OF THE CROSS | Apostle Michael Orokpo

The cross is not just a symbol of Christianity or a wooden object made in a particular shape, the cross is the symbol of...

Download Sermon: AGENTS OF TRANSFORMATION | Apostle Michael Orokpo

To become an agent of transformation in the society and the kingdom of God them must first be transformed inwardly before they can be...

Download Sermon: EBENEZER | Apostle Michael Orokpo

There is a dimension that believers should crave for in their walk with God, it is called Ebenezer, the help of God. It is...

Download Sermon: THE STRUCTURE OF DIVINE REALITIES | Apostle Michael Orokpo

  Title: THE STRUCTURE OF DIVINE REALITIES  - Apostle Michael Orokpo Size: 22MB Download Now

Download Sermon: SPIRITUAL EXERCISE | Apostle Michael Orokpo

  Title: SPIRITUAL EXERCISE  - Apostle Michael Orokpo Size: 12Mb Download Now

Download Sermon: LIVING ABOVE TE WORLD SYSTEM | Apostle Michael Orokpo

Believers need to understand the world systems in order to brace up for the warfare, life will be assumed to be lived casually and...

Download Sermon: GOD’S MESSENGERS TO THE EARTH | Apostle Michael Orokpo

  Title: GOD'S MESSENGERS TO THE EARTH  - Apostle Michael Orokpo Size: 23Mb Download Now

Download Sermon: PATHWAYS TO DIVINE HEALING | Apostle Michael Orokpo

  Title: PATHWAYS TO DIVINE HEALING - Apostle Michael Orokpo Size: 17Mb Download Now

Download Sermon: THE PRAYER GATES | Apostle Michael Orokpo

In order to maximize the power of prayer, believers need to know how to pray, when to pray, and where to pray.  If believers...

Download Sermon: NECESSITY OF AN ENCOUNTER | Apostle Michael Orokpo

There are spiritual technology locked up in encounter, to have an encounter with the supernatural, there are prerequisites and there are procedures. The supernatural...

Download Sermon: The Credentials of Territorial Warriors | Apostle Orokpo

There are requirements to access the things of the kingdom, and there are also requirements for God to use a man as a man...

Download Sermon: SPIRITUAL GIFTS (1&2) | Apostle Michael Orokpo

  Title: SPIRITUAL GIFTS (1&2) - Apostle Michael Orokpo PART 1 Download Now PART 2 Download Now

Download Sermon: BATTLES OF THE SONS OF ELOHIM | Apostle Michael Orokpo

There is an ancient warfare, the war that began from heaven that the sons of God must fight. The battles of the two kingdoms,...