[Download Mp3] The Roadmap To A Triumphant Destiny – Apostle Joshua Selman (Koinonia Abuja)

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God trains believers differently, according to the nature of their calling. Do not judge another believer based on your perception of how God’s training should be.
In the school of destiny, every class (the season of trainings and dealings) you miss, you’re bound to re-take it, regardless of the number of years it has lingered on.
It is not enough to know you have a great life and destiny, it is important to identify the roadmap to your destiny; failure to identify this roadmap will lead to a life of shame and reproach.
Every believer in Christ has a prophetic destiny in Christ, regardless of the sphere of influence God wants you to function in.
In this Sermon, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches about three phases to actualizing prophetic destiny in approaching life and destiny, there are. They include:
1. Know – talks of knowledge
2. Be – talks of transformation
3. Do – talks of action

Title: The Roadmap To A Triumphant Destiny – (Koinonia Abuja)
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 36MB

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