The Samson Syndrome

The Samson Syndrome (What you can learn from the baddest Guy in the Bible)

From the Author’s Desk

PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FASCINATED BY DARING adventurers who live on the edge, how else do you explain the phenomenal success of James Bond 007?

Ian Fleming’s British superspy is the hero of over twenty films that have earned over a billion dollars worldwide. Every Bond film features dangerous villains, exotic weaponry, ingenious gadgets, fast cars, and even faster women. But it’s all in a day’s work for the coolest secret agent of them all, who, at last count, has saved the world twenty three times and has yet to get his hair messed up.

This book is about a man in the Bible who was so Bondlike in his attitude and lifestyle that one wonders if he might have been part of Ian Fleming’s inspiration. Samson, whose story is told in four chapters of the book of Judges, was young, strong, good looking, cocky, courageous, and an incorrigible ladies man. He had a nose for trouble, a knack for hair raising escapes, and more girlfriends than Radio City has Rockettes.

You see, while Samson was easily the strongest man in the Bible, he was also, in many ways, the weakest. He was handpicked by a gracious God to lead his people, the Israelites, in a revolt against the dreaded Philistines, who had been oppressing them without resistance for forty years.

And talk about gifts! No one in Scripture could match Samson for sheer talent and potential. But rather than developing into a thrilling saga of faith and patriotism.

Samson’s story degenerates quickly into a tawdry soap opera. Oh yes, there are flashes of greatness, brief moments when we catch little glimpses of the hero God intended for him to be. But for the most part, Samson was a selfish, shallow minded playboy who squandered his talents.

Perhaps this is why Samson is largely ignored in print. Very few books about him exist. To most Christians, he is merely “the guy who fooled around with Delilah” or “that strong dude with long hair.”

About the Book

The book, “The Samson Syndrome”  is a set of twelve tendencies revealed in the biblical account of Samson’s life that clearly contributed to his erratic behavior, his spiritual decline, and ultimately, his failure as a deliverer of God’s people.

These tendencies are common to men of strength in every generation. They represent the unique challenges that strong men will always face. A man may have to contend with one of them or all twelve, but no man will totally escape their influence. Simply put, these tendencies are the reasons why strong men fail.

There are some ‘Samson’ (weaknesses) in each of us that may be conquered by Delilah if care is not taken, Mark Atteberry very clearly helps us realize the downside of our strengths and how to overcome it.

Title: The Samson Syndrome

Author: Mark Atteberry

Size: 1Mb


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