For every Revelation, there is work to it! Whenever God gives you a Revelation, He expects you to write it down!
There is a time when every revelation will be useful, there is a time when every word would be made manifest.

The Vision is for an appointed time. It will not tarry, it will surely come to pass – Habakkuk 2:3.
God told John! Everything that thou eyes seeth write – Revelation 1:11.

Everything, every understanding we receive from the Holy Spirit should be compiled! We must write! It is an instruction! This article is a product of that instruction! Write! Writing is so important. As you hear God’s Word. As He gives you ideas you must write them down, why?

Revelation 1:3 Kjv
“Blessed is the that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand”.

This is why you must write, if you do not write you cannot read, if you do not read you cannot hear, if you cannot hear you cannot do and keep the things you have received! If you cannot do and keep the instructions of God, you cannot be blessed.

Those who cannot keep the words of prophecy they receive, will always lack. It takes accumulation to grow! To increase you must understand how to save and give. This doesn’t apply to finances alone. For you to grow in the knowledge of God, you must save (you must write) and teach others. The reason why we write is to enable us to keep the vision, idea and Revelation! To keep these ideas we must write! It is key, if you study and receive inspiration from the Almighty God, you must write so you do not forget what God has said (Job 32:8).

Be a writer, always write what you receive from God, this is so powerful. Whenever God speaks, write. Whenever He shows you something, whenever He opens your understanding, write what He shows you!

This is the secret to keep God’s word!

How do we write?

There are two main ways to write.

  • We can write with a pen and paper as the Lord instructed John in Revelation 1:11.
  • We can also write using our tongue.

Psalm 45:1
“… My tongue is the pen of a steady writer”

Friends, we can use our tongue to write our future. What we say is very powerful! The whole world and Heavens were programmed by the words of God Almighty!

Words are powerful. A program is a set of instructions WRITTEN for a system to run with.

The entire Heavens and Earth was written with the spoken Word of God!

The spoken Word of God is as powerful as the written Word of God. The spoken Word of God has the ability to program our minds, heart and entire system.

When darkness covered the Earth, God said “Let there be Light” Genesis 1:3. God did not say “oh my gosh! What kind of darkness is this” If He had said that, the darkness would have increased!

Immediately He saw a malfunction in the program, He re-wrote the entire program by speaking what He wanted to see!

A Vision is a set of information delivered by God to inform you of His plan for you. These Visions are Spoken by God to you. It is your duty and responsibility to receive them, write them in a book and keep writing them in your heart by saying them in faith. You write these words in your heart by saying them. Speaking the word of God is very powerful. Talking in accordance with the will of God is highly powerful!

What you cannot see (with your understanding) you cannot say! And what you cannot say, you cannot see (physically)!

Until you receive from God, you cannot speak, it is the breath of the Almighty that gives understanding – Job 32:8!

Until you receive the inspiration you cannot write down the vision. If you cannot write down the vision and elaborate on it, you cannot say it. Until you begin to speak the word of God you cannot see it manifest in your life.

If God spoke, then you too must speak to see! This is faith! Believe, know and speak the Word of God. There is no force in the Heavens, on the Earth and beneath the Earth, that has a greater force than the written, spoken and living Word of God!

Begin to write with your pen (your physical pen and spiritual pen – your tongue). You can speak with your mouth (your spiritual pen (Psalm 45:1)). When you do this regularly you will find yourself living the word of God!

Study, receive, write, speak and live on the Word of God!



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