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[Download Mp3] BEFORE YOU JOIN THE JAPA BANDWAGON (Part 1-4) – Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

There are indices to calculate the assets and values of the wealth of a nation. They are;
– Human capital
– Natural resources
– Production capitals
– Foreign reserves
As human resources are the most important asset of a nation, this means every time skilled people leave a particular region, wealth has left.
The term “Japa” is a Yoruba word that means “to leave a place hurriedly or evacuate immediately”. This term is now a very common term in Nigeria today as most people now want to leave the country for another country with the hope of a better living.
In this message, Dr. Olumide Emmanuel teaches about the disadvantage of the common mindset of most Nigerians presently, which is to leave Nigeria.

– Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

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