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[Download Mp3] Dominion Over Time – Apostle Selman

Accelerate Conference 2023 -The Elevation Church Lagos Nigeria

Time is not a factor in the reality of being. It is no part of immortal Life. Time is a product of mortal mind, a phase of the dream of mortality. This dream has nothing to do with God, or Life. Man, the image of God, reflects and expresses divine Life; he is not included in mortality and therefore is not subject to time.

4 Keys that control speed:

  1. Wisdom. You can’t have dominion over time if you do not have wisdom. 
  2. Favor.  Favor is powerful, it brings;
    1. Unusual Kindness
    2. Unusual Access
    3. Unusual Acceptance
  3. Speed-Provoking Prayers. Engage in prayers that will open closed doors:  
  4. The Prophetic. Prophetic words are not empty words.

Title: Dominion Over Time
– Apostle Selman
Size: 27MB
Duration: 1:19:12

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