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[Download Mp3] Family Success – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

The process of supernatural fruitfulness that God has given us is that we are required to totally submit everything to God, then the Holy Spirit renews us and we are able to produce results that we couldn’t before.
The Holy Spirit is our support when we go through things that can tear a marriage apart. He gives us capacity for kindness, generosity, selflessness – You just cannot afford to be selfish in your marriage, it’ll destroy it. He gives us the capacity for endurance because there are no perfect marriages and there are no perfect people. You will offend each other at some point but the Holy Spirit gives us the capacity to bear with each other’s weaknesses.
Your destiny is unique, you need to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit and not the opinions of other people. Some of us need to change our way of thinking and be free from cultural programming if we want to experience fruitfulness and a healthy marriage (Psalm 1:1-3)

Title: Family Success
– Pastor Sam Adeyemi
Size: 10MB
Duration: 28:26

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