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[Download Mp3] Grow Generational Strategy – Bishop Tudor Bismark

Generational wealth is important because you have more freedom to think and live the life you want when you don’t have to worry about paying your bills or whether you can afford to quit a job that doesn’t fulfill you. But why should you care about passing down wealth to the next generation? Many people have experienced feeling forced to do things or work a job because they need the money.

Of course, building generational wealth does not mean you stop your kids from ever experiencing hardships in life. But many parents want to give children more options in life.

Most parents who started from humble beginnings don’t want their children to experience the same struggles as they did growing up. But finding the right balance is a challenge. Building wealth that survives more than one generation requires more than financial assets.

Download and learn more on how to grow generational wealth as Bishop Tudor Bismark teaches.

Title: Grow Generational Strategy
– Bishop Tudor Bismark

Part 1 [15MB]
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Part 2 [18MB]
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