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[Download Mp3] Liberating Yourself From Wrong family Patterns – Funke Adejumo and Praise-Fowowe

We are all PhD holder of the family system that raised and produce us. Hence, family plays a major role in shaping who we are.
Due to a bad structured family, a lot of people has pseudopersonality.
Pseudopersonality occurs when a child with his own personality not fully grown yet, has been made to believe that he has a different personality e.g an extrovert turning into introvert because of how he/she has grown or the significant of emotional expression that has happened in his/her life.

So, by the time the personality of that person has changed as they age, the real person is still inside, so he grow into adulthood by having the child in him being angry at his adulthood, so there is a conflict within with the childhood  wanting to manifest a superiority.

Marriage is the coming together of two different nations to create a new nation that will set a new standard in structure and whose culture will give the world rest.
A family can either make or mar you. A lot of subjectivity  has happened based on how a child was raised because many of our families are not well structured. A family is a nation, when the handler did not  understand it, it will bring damage to the child.

Download and Listen to many life transforming words on how to liberate yourself from wrong family perspective and how to raise your children well with a well structured foundational values.

Title: Liberating Yourself From Wrong family Patterns
– Funke Adejumo and Praise Fowowe
Size: 14MB
Duration: 1:01:25

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