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[Download Mp3] Redefining The Church – Apostle Joshua Selman (Sound of Revival – DAY 2 MORNING – Koinonia UK)

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The first mention of the word “Church” came from Jesus Christ Himself. The concept of the church has been widely misunderstood, leading to a sense of disappointment due to the many misrepresentations of what the true church should be.
The church is a spiritual strategy, an invention of God’s own intelligence, the only one able to capture the purposes of God.
What is The Church?
The church refers to men and women who have chosen to submit to the governing influence of The Christ. For people to be called ‘The Church”, Jesus Christ must be the epicentre of them.

From nation to nation, people seem to be having a growing disdain and hatred for the church for the following reasons:
1. Character inconsistencies – particularly amongst the priesthood and disappointments experienced by people.
2. The absence of intelligent, life applicable teachings that offer real solutions to human problems.
3. The absence of genuine spiritual power, that backs and defends our propositions
If the gospel is truly proclaimed, people should not only hear about the possibilities in Jesus but also witness them firsthand.

While you can doubt what you hear, it is difficult to doubt what you see.
The Church should be the institution that holds and captures the purest form of truth, the institution to resort to for greatest clarity. (1Timothy3:15 KJV)
Description of The Authentic Church
(Acts 2:42-47)
The Church is:
1. A place of doctrine.
2. A place of fellowship (Koinonia).
3. A place of communion.
4. A place where signs and wonders are wrought.
5. A place of love.
6. A place of praises.
7. A place where graces (favour) can be found.

Title: Redefining The Church (The Sound of Revival (DAY 2 MORNING – Koinonia UK)
– Apostle Joshua Selman
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