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[Download Mp3] The Doctrine of Resurrection – Apostle Joshua Selman

Download The Doctrine of Resurrection by Apostle Joshua Selman

Sin is more than an act; it is a nature that can be passed on through man’s blood. Death came to Jesus but had no power over Him because He did not have the nature of sin. For Jesus to die, He had to become sin. The moment Jesus became sin, death quickly took Him.
The only way people in the old testament were preserved from death was through covenants. They did not have a permanent victory over death. Jesus had to come as a sinless man to save mankind.
Jesus paid the price of justice; conquered the grave, sin, and death, and handed us the victory. If Jesus had not been resurrected, death wouldn’t have lost his power, because the last enemy to be destroyed is death.
In this Sermon, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches about the doctrine of the resurrection and its significance to believers.

Title: The Doctrine of Resurrection
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 38MB

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