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[Download Mp3] Strategic Foresight // Scenario Planning – Sam Adeyemi

Scenario planning is a strategic imperative for organizations seeking not only to survive but to thrive in an uncertain future. It is a tool that fosters resilience, strategic foresight, and the capacity to navigate complexity, ultimately contributing to long-term success and sustainability. Through the identification of critical uncertainties and potential risks, scenario planning empowers organizations to implement preemptive measures. This proactive approach enhances risk management and minimizes the impact of unforeseen challenges.

Scenario planning is a strategic tool of paramount importance in today’s dynamic and unpredictable business landscape. It serves as a proactive approach to navigate uncertainties, anticipate potential challenges, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Scenario planning enables organizations to anticipate and prepare for a range of potential futures. By considering various plausible scenarios, businesses can develop strategies that are adaptable to different conditions.

Title: Scenario Planning
– Sam Adeyemi

Size: 13MB
Duration: 38:36

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